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WOW. Fantastic. I had heard the Brad Boice concerts were top shelf from many of my Church members. But I had, until recently, not heard him perform. I was so impressed with his voice, quality of performance, and his sincere love for people, music, and most of all, his God. It was a great time of worship at the Celebration of Life service held at the Plainview Church of Christ. Juls is an awesome sound tech and it was a joy to watch her worship as well. THANK YOU BRAD and JULS!
Chuck Coggins
Celebration of Life

Barb Handrahan Franssen My husband was in another room as I played the "Just Pretend Video". He is one of the biggest ELVIS fans. It took him half the song until he figure it out that it wasn't ELVIS, as he finally asked if that was Brad? He than said, "Brad is so spot on singing ELVIS" Thank you Brad for warming our 💜 with the songs of one of the greats.
Barb Handrahan Franssen
Just Pretend Video On Facebook

Hi JulAnn, I just had to reach out and say what an incredible day yesterday at the church of Christ in Plainview where I attend. The most amazing part was Brad?s testimony about Easter. It was awesome for my wife and I to hear where your faith is! Have a great day! Rodney Bartsh Plainview
Rodney Bartsh--Plainview, MN
Gospel Show

Dear Brad and Julann: Thank you for the wonderful show last night, We had all positive comments. Many of the guest are interested in your gospel show. It was a wonderful evening all around, The preliminary report with the match from Minnesota Masonic Charities, we raise $15,000.00 for cancer research.
Georgianne Johnson
Masonic Heritage Center Fundraiser

I just wanted to thank you, Brad and Jerry for making the trip to South Dakota so wonderful. My Mom and I had such a great time and have so many wonderful memories and pictures. She?s been sharing them with others. Mom told me it was the best trip she?s ever had and a trip of a lifetime. We would love to do another one. We will definitely keep an eye on the upcoming events, thanks again so much. It was great hanging out with you on the trip and I look forward to more in the future That is wonderful that you all share your wonderful talents with others and provide so much joy that people want to sign right up again. That is a special gift. We are also loving the CD. Have a wonderful fall and we?ll stay in touch. Thanks again, Julie
Julie Colvin
Bus Trip

I saw you the first time singing at the Mayo Clinic. You were dressed in your white jumpsuit, looking and sounding like Elvis! I was immediately a new fan! I saw you perform an entire concert at the Golden Generations Expo on 9-29-11. You not only totally won me over with your impersonation of Elvis, but by your respect and rapport with the audience. When you and your wife were singing, it was wonderful to see the love between the two of you. When I found out how long you have been married and still had that connection, it was just great. I saw you at the Women's Expo in Oct. I am very impressed by you as a wonderful human being. Your success has not gone to your head and turned you into someone that is unapproachable. Your belief in God is evident in how you conduct yourself with your fans, and show the love you have for your wife and family. I feel privileged to have met you, and can't wait to see you in concert again
Anita Herring
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